Sketches from Frankenstein (World Premiere) and The Tell-Tale Heart
Place & Time
The Catacombs at Green-Wood Cemetery
Brooklyn NY
October 11, 2018
6:30 PM

The Program 

Kallor: Sketches from Frankenstein (World Premiere)

Kallor: The Tell-Tale Heart

Kallor: The answer is: Yes

The Performers

Gregg Kallor, piano

Joshua Roman, cello

Reginald Smith Jr, baritone

Jennifer Johnson Cano, mezzo soprano

Sarah Meyers, stage director

Additional Information

Mary Shelley’s groundbreaking novel Frankenstein was published 200 years ago, essentially inventing the horror genre. But far from the grunting Hollywood brutishness of Boris Karloff, the original told the heartbreaking story of a living, feeling creature, brought into the world only to be forsaken by his creator and left to fend for himself. Drawing the parallels to modern society, pianist/composer Gregg Kallor will offer the World Premiere of a new suite of operatic sketches based on the monster’s harrowing tale, in partnership with the amazing folks at On Site Opera. The program will also feature other acclaimed vocal works by Kallor, as well as the premiere of a solo piano piece dedicated to Leonard Bernstein, a permanent Green-Wood resident.

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