The Wonderful World of Song Class
Place & Time
St. Louis MO
June 30, 2020
7:00 PM

Nothing compares to the musical combination of singer and pianist. Composers for centuries have been inspired by great poetry and prose. Words and music combined heightens each. How and why is it that we attach deeper meaning to text when it is set to music?

In “The Wonderful World of Song” class, renowned artist and mezzo-soprano Jennifer Johnson Cano will explore the beautiful facets of music and words. Each session will include group listening time, a discussion of historical context, a comparison of texts set by different composers, and recommendations for further self-learning. The first class will explore why song has such a magical effect on us as humans, beginning with a discussion of lullabies and our primal connection to music and melody. Throughout this 6-week course, focus will move from folk song (Kodaly, Niles, Canteloube, Berio, de Falla, Copland), to Shakespeare’s influence on British composers, to the great German pairings of poets and composers (Mörike/Wolf, Goethe/Schubert & Schumann, Brahms/Georg Daumer), to French Mélodie (Apollinaire, Verlaine, Baudelaire, Poulenc, Faure, Debussy, Ravel), and to the American Masters (Samuel Barber, and the Great American Songbook). There will also be a class where Jennifer will be joined by a special guest composer for a Q and A discussion regarding the inspiration, creation and bringing to life of new song.

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